Twenty million updates/s

DVTDS achieves a LDAP world record. In a recent cluster benchmark it scored more than 22000000 transactional writes/s in a four billion subscriber DB, underlining its leading technology. Further it demonstrated its ability to sustain more than one million updates/s in a replicated data base distributed over three continents.
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Mobile online gaming
Geo location services
Social networking
Traffic jam prediction
Internet of things

Do you need a faster database?
It's all about scale, throughput, response times, hardware efficiency!

In today's connected world databases are an indispensable element in large scale environments. "Scale" is here a twofold thing: It applies to the amount of stored data as well as the amount of traffic. Social media networks, online mobile games and televoting systems deal with millions or even billions of users. In many cases their actions must be reflected real time in a central data store and consistently distributed across global replica. Ever increasing traffic and the upcoming internet of things exceed the limits of existing database solutions. Although built for multi node scalability they lack the per - node hardware efficiency to serve multi millions operations per second at affordable cost.

Our database is optimized to cover these requirements with minimized hardware deployment. It overcomes the restrictions of current generation data management systems by delivering extreme efficiency per node and multi node scalability. It scores response times down to 20 micro seconds and througputs exceeding one million requests per second and virtual machine. If that is not enough, multiple nodes can be coupled in a distributed system with linear scalability. Clients are not aware of such physical data distribution. They still see a single consistent object space, regardless where their data is actually stored.