Mobile Data is Real Time

The world is on the jump to the next level of connectivity. Ever more devices, ever more connected people and ever more connected things. Fifth generation mobility. Real time location tracking. Transaction rates unimaginable even a couple of years ago. All together an exponential growth of traffic and stored data.


Our database solution DVTDS enables you to cope with these challenges.

By it's speed, scalability and cost efficiency.

It puts your enterprise way ahead of your competition.

Traditional databases have always a conflict between the need for high speed real time transactions and mass data storage requirements. Real time is only possible in expensive main memory, which is too small for mass data. And cheap mass data devices are too slow for real time operation. Our revolutionary hybrid storage and replication technology solves this problem. It gives you complete freedom to store and replicate different categories of data according to their specific characteristics. With no compromise for speed nor storage capacity. Our database delivers unmatched performance and cost efficiency at the same time.

Times ten in hardware efficiency.
90% Cost savings.
We designed our database to squeeze the maximum throughput out of modern computers. Like this we reach an unprecedented level of hardware efficiency, proven by many benchmarks. This translates directly to massive cost savings. In terms of server count, data center space, cabling, network routers, electricity and last not least: environmental footprint.
Our solution drives this to an extent where pure quantitive processing power turns into a new quality. This enables an entire set of new services that were previously unfeasible to be realized. Like user session handling of subscriber data management in the upcoming 5G mobile networks. Like real time geo location tracking in traffic management or online gaming.
Social Network Database
Social Network Database
Traffic Management Database
Real Time Traffic Management
5G Network Database
Mobile Data Repository
Logistic Network Database
Logistic Network Database
Mobile Gaming Database
Fast Gaming Server
Lightweight Space Database
Lightweight Space DB