Millions ready for Rush Hour.
In need of intelligent traffic management.

Traffic management and toll systems

Intelligent traffic shaping requires real time information about locations, speed and directions of vehicles. Finer granularity of this data allows for better prediction of traffic jams, control of traffic lights and electronic guides. But how to gather location, speed and direction of cars with least effort? Well, the information is already there. Almost all vehicles or drivers carries a mobile device, which checks into the next cell when it comes into it's radio range and checks out as it leaves the cell. You are a mobile operator? Then you have this information readily available in your core network. What is missing is an ultrafast repository able to organize the data streams into a comprehensible structure. In real time and simultaneously for millions of vehicles.
Our database has a rich set of features solving this problem.
  • It is able to track the high frequency location changes of all participating vehicles in real time. A location update is committed in less than 30 micro seconds.
  • It organizes all participating vehicles into a well structured object tree.
  • The whole arrangement can be data mined via high speed interfaces.
  • Events of special interest can be monitored. When they occur, a notification is sent to registered authorities.
  • Time and location information of stolen cars can be tracked at highest resolution.