Fifth Generation Mobility.
More than just new Antennas.

5G Subscriber data management

Behind any mobile network stands a subscriber data management system. Its central component is a database holding the subscriber profiles, authentication information and properties like call forwardings and internet download rates. In addition it holds real time information for every subscriber. This allows for fast call setup between parties. The introduction of 5G mobile networks paves the way for an entire new generation of subscriber data management (SDM) systems.
The next SDM generation will run in the cloud. It will be scalable to unprecedented levels. It will support massive IoT and uninterupted user experience, even under outage of core mobile network components. It will give users better response times by installing new network architectures behind the scene. These advances do not come for free. They require the subscriber databases to implement completly new features and levels of real time performance never anticipated before. The TeraCortex DB has all of them:
  • Scalable to 100 million requests per second and beyond.
  • Scalable to any storage size.
  • Data category dependend replication and storage policies.
  • Mobile edge computing for faster response times.
  • Network slicing support by multi tenancy.
  • Reliable transaction capability.
  • The most advanced data view technology in the industry.
  • High speed data analytics interfaces.
  • Backward compatible to current mobile networks.