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Defining future database technology: DVTDS 3.8

DVTDS stands for Distributed Virtual Transaction Directory Server. It is the next - generation object database developed for enterprise level real time applications. It offers reliable operation by geo - redundant multi master replication and distributed transactions. Data model virtualization lets you decouple logical (application side) data models from the physical (server side) data model, thus enabling a multitude of applications working on a central, shared and consistent data set. By its extreme efficiency it delivers responses within twenty micro seconds. Its internal multi threaded design scales to more than a million operations per second (read / write) per node already on entry - level server hardware. Linear scaling to even more throughput is easy by coupling multiple nodes to a distributed system.
  • Unlimited scalability.
  • Free configurable triggers.
  • Distributed ACID transactions.
  • Global replication and synchronization.
  • Data view technology.
  • Trigger view technology.
  • Tunable consistency.
  • Flexible hybrid in memory / on disk storage.
  • High speed data analytics interfaces.
  • Online administration - no downtime.
  • Time to live for selectable data.
  • Attribute level history.
  • Data federation to third party systems.